Probate - Trust Administration - Guardianships - Other Court Matters

When a loved one passes, there are inevitable issues with carrying out their wishes and seeing that their property makes it to the ones rightfully entitled to it.  If there has been careful, up to date planning, this usually goes fairly smoothly,  But for a number of reasons, you may need assistance with seeing that the loved one’s wishes are faithfully followed. This is what Estate Administration is all about.

In some instances, because there has been no planning, probate of the person’s “estate” (everything they own and owe) is required.  This involves filing a written request with the court (an “application” or “petition”) seeking the appointment of a “personal representative” who is given authority to manage the payment of any expenses of last illness and creditors, and deliver the remaining estate to the “heirs”.

Even when there has been up to date planning, the family may need assistance with interpreting the will and trust and winding up the person’s affairs.

And, unfortunately, there are too many occasions when greed, jealousy, or other negative emotions take over and require the intervention of the court.

All of these things involve issues concerning property titles and, sometimes, business interests.  Mr. Warner  has a long history of dealing with these issues.  Perhaps longer than any other practicing attorney in northern Utah.  Mr. Warner is also regarded as one of the top 100 trial attorneys in Utah by the National Association of Trial Attorneys.  Call us when you have questions with wrapping  up your loved one’s financial affairs.

Other Legal Services:

LawWarner Law Firm's primary focus is estate planning and elder law matters.  However, we also have substantial experience and provide services in related areas such as:

  • Real property transactions and litigation, including real estate sales, real estate development, property line disputes, easements, zoning; and
  • Business matters and litigation, including business sales, leases, and formation of limited liability companies, partnerships and corporations.