Our focus is elder law, estate planning, and probate.  We also focus on property matters. Whether you are troubled with your mother's failing health, or your neighbor's claim to 2 feet of your property, you are dealing, at least in part, with property matters. Or you may be concerned about leaving your business interests to those 2 kids that don't get along. Mr. Warner has been in the forefront of these areas for decades. His experience in these areas is varied and substantial.  We know wills, trusts, estate administration, elder law, property and business law.  We know the business people, lawyers, and court personnel who will be across the table or across the courtroom from us.  

If you want a law firm that tries to do everything for everyone you won’t find that here.  If you want a law firm that will focus on your estate planning/estate administration and elder law problem, come see us.